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Nike - Just Play.

Nike - Just Play.

Weeks after producing Nike’s Spring 2018 Style Guide in Atlanta, we were asked to keep the momentum going and roll right into Summer 2018. What is Style Guide you ask? It’s a guiding light for The Swoosh globally, designed to inspire and unify the brand’s many voices ahead of each upcoming season. Style Guide SU/18 was our opportunity to help craft Nike’s story on a grand scale. A collection of media and diverse stories all to be captured in a single, unbelievable shoot. By the numbers: (2) months of project planning, (75) talent cast, (110) flights booked, (20) cases of camera and lighting equipment shipped from LA, (21) days of production, (10) shoot days, (12) production vans, and (3) photography and (2) video units running concurrently. In total, we partnered with (11) categories at Nike to tell (72) stories - delivering 1,100+ assets across stills and motion content. As the North Star to our effort, this season was all about the World Cup and Nike’s season hinged on connecting to this global gathering. The anthem: Just Play. Of course, this was January (in Portland) so we set our sights on warmer climates. Somewhere where Global Football was in the DNA of the culture itself. After an extensive city search globally, we locked eyes with Uruguay. Leveraging our global network of foreign country producers, we spun up a team of location scouts within a matter of days. Following a successful pre-scout, our locations were set, and we’re off to the races. We invested deeply in research, launching a multi-winged, global talent search with scouts on the ground in multiple cities, casting directors, social media scouting, and more. Our cast and crew galvanized as we made arrangements to bring hundreds of people and mountains of equipment from every corner of the globe. When it’s finally time for everything to pass through a lens, who should hold the camera? We partnered with some of the most gifted and thoughtful image makers around: Ben, Jake, and Jerry. The city of Montevideo was perfect in every way except one little catch, there’s no photo studio large enough to host our studio shoot. So, we befriend a local school gymnasium and build (3) of our own sets from scratch. This temporary stage functioned as our in-studio hub, complimenting our on-location shoot masterfully. All of this became possible because of trust between partners to create something larger than the individuals involved. We created a foundation of mutual respect and inspiration with our powerful production partners at Nike. Through this bond we were able to seamlessly navigate a hurricane of input from creative departments around the world. In the end, we couldn’t be happier with the result. CREDITS: Senior Art Director: Jessica Tan Nike Producers: Jess Bond, Tom Blanchard Executive Creative Producer: Davis Priestley Creative Producers: Aimee Lynn Barneburg, Nick Ocean, Melissa Garr Forrette Cinematographer: Brandon Kuzma, Bob Hoste Photographers: Benjamin Lennox, Jake Jones, Jerry Buttles Wardrobe Stylist: Meg Cuna, Neelo Noory Hair Stylist: Monica Ninh, Amy Farid Makeup Stylist: Ailsa Hopper-Court, Zenia Jaeger Recognition: La Casa Films
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